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Ms. Mukesh

Blossom Convent School, NayaGaon
Qualification: M.A, B.E.D, M.E.D, M.S.C (Psychology) Experience: 14 years as P.G.T (Eng) and senior coordinator ‘H.O.D in highly reputed CBSE schools “If you talk to me about teaching i can go on the whole day. Even i have a ventilator on me,I will say,”Remove this pipe , I have to talk about my teaching days. I started my career as PGT Eng and afterward i did not look back from my achieving aim for improvement in quality education. My turning point was there in Nalanda International Dayboarding School in 2012 being as H.O.D and senior academic coordinator which was a constant need to update and upgrade myself. My passion for Challenging RULES in the future made me to create learning experiences and right interpretation of facts.”Education to me is about learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life”.With the advent of technology the common phrase” Sky is the limit” seems a bit of a cliche, since the quantum success has grown in many fold. With success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement, and education should aim towards preparing the mindset for excellence.